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The Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) plays a crucial role in facilitating government and business engagement between Malaysia and Australia. Here are some of the key activities which the MABC undertakes to support and connect its members:


Networking and Business Matching: The MABC consistently organizes networking events, seminars and business matching sessions to connect businesses and government agencies from Malaysia and Australia. These events create a welcoming environment for members to explore business collaborations, exchange ideas and establish relationships with essential contacts from both nations.

Dialogue: Communication and fostering relationships is an essential part of the MABCs activities, as our primary goal is to strengthen Malaysia and Australia’s bilateral relationship through trade and business. The MABC provides members will a number of opportunities to speak with qualified, likeminded individuals who are knowledgeable regarding the business environment of both countries and maintain dialogue with government ministries and organizations that can bring about the success of business opportunities.

Advocacy and Representation: The MABC represents the interests of its members to both the Australian and Malaysian governments, advocating for a business-friendly environment and favorable trade policies. The council engages in policy discussions, provide input on bilateral trade issues and collaborate with relevant government institutions to address challenges faced by businesses operating between Australia and Malaysia.

Information and Resources: The MABC is a valuable source of information and resources for businesses and government entities seeking to do business in Malaysia and Australia. The council maintains relationships with Australian and Malaysian government organizations, who can provide essential research and accurate information, documents and requirements necessary to facilitate business between both countries.

Publicity: Promotion and publicity is important to all businesses, and the MABC is able to assist new members gain attention in both Malaysia and Australia. In physical and online platforms, the MABC provides members with ample opportunities to promote their ventures and routinely features important companies and organizations in social media posts and at physical events.

Knowledge and Understanding: The MABC is passionate about increasing awareness and understanding about Australia and Malaysia’s business environments and bilateral relationship. The council promotes cooperation and provides a hub for discussion, collaboration and cooperation for members to better understand both nations.

Overall, the MABC plays a crucial role in promoting the bilateral relationship, trade, investment and collaboration between Malaysia and Australia. The resources, support and advocacy that the MABC provides to members are a unique and immensely helpful tool for anyone looking to engage in cross-border trade and investment activities with a connection to these two countries.



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