MABC is a registered society with a company registration number of 276/86WP. Membership with the MABC provides a number of opportunities, services and benefits for those interested in conducting business within Australia and Malaysia. Members are invited to networking events, receive weekly correspondence from the MABC about local promotions and business news, are highlighted on the MABC’s social media networks and receive voting rights at Annual General Meetings to ensure that the MABC best reflects what its members want the organization to achieve.


MABC offers 3 different types of memberships: Associate membership, Individual membership and corporate membership.

Associate Member: Associate Memberships are for individuals under the age of 30, and are perfect for young people just entering the business world looking to expand their network within Malaysia and Australia. Associate members are connected with the Malaysia Australia Business Council and are introduced to Australian Government agencies within Malaysia, such as the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Australian Chambers of Commerce and Business in ASEAN. Individuals with this membership will also be invited to visit and tour Malaysia Australia Business Council member companies and be heard at industry-focused dialogues and events.

  • Associate Memberships fees MYR 100 / Per Calendar Yearwith an additional one-time MYR 100 joining fee.
  • No Voting Rights / Age 30 Below 


Individual Member: Best suited for persons operating within the business ecosystem of Malaysia. Individual memberships provide all the benefits of an associate membership with added privileges. Individual members are given voting rights at Annual General Meetings so they may shape the operations of the MABC to best suit the needs of the business communities of Malaysia and Australia. Individual members will also be provided with promotional opportunities through the MABC website, expanding the reach and communication potential of businesses and projects to the entirety of the council’s contact list.

  • Individual memberships fees MYR 250 / Per Calendar Yearwith an additional one-time MYR 250 joining fee.
  • Individual life memberships fees MYR 2500with an additional one-time MYR 250 joining fee.


Corporate Member: Offered to businesses operating within Malaysia or Australia that have an interest in participating in cross-border trade and expansion. Corporate memberships allow for a business to register 4 people to receive the benefits of an individual membership. Companies with a corporate membership will be mentioned on the MABC website and receive exposure and promotion through the MABC social media channels. Officials will also mention the member business at official MABC networking events and provide connections with relevant industry personnel. Corporate members also have 4 votes at Annual General Meetings. 

  • Corporate memberships fees MYR 1,000 / Per Calendar Yearwith an additional one-time MYR 1,000 joining fee.
  • Corporate life memberships fees MYR 10,000with an additional one-time MYR 1,000 joining fee.


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MABC Membership Categories

Individual Member

This membership is for individuals only

MYR 250 / 12 months
Individual Life Member

This membership is for individuals only

MYR 2500 / Lifetime
Associate Member

This membership is for individuals only

Associate membership is for individuals below the age of 30. Please note that a copy of your identification clearly showing date of birth is required.

MYR 100 / 12 months
Corporate Member
MYR 1000 / 12 months
Corporate Life Member
MYR 10000 / Lifetime
Partner In Progress
MYR 10000 / 12 months