Lachlan Forster

My time with the Malaysia Australia Business Council was a massively rewarding experience, giving me a first-hand view into the business landscape of Malaysia. As a visitor to Malaysia for the first time, my experience with the MABC helped shape a positive and educational tenure in Kuala Lumpur for which I am immensely grateful.

My three months with the MABC provided me with enriching opportunities to develop my personal character and professional portfolio. While holding the position of intern, I interacted with Malaysian media, Australian diplomatic staff and business personalities, whilst handling a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. 

Through my experiences, I was able to work with AI in an office setting for the first-time, as well as write and develop media statements for respected press organisations and letters for Ministry and government personnel. My work on the MABC website assisted in the development of my technology and computer skills, and the famous and distinguished networking events which the MABC facilitates gave me a golden chance to meet fascinating people who operate within the MABC ecosystem.

The team at the MABC is phenomenal and conduct their operations with a high degree of professionalism and conduct. Being in an office with a dedicated and committed staff helped to raise my own standard of work and instil within me a developed work ethic which I can carry into future employment experiences.

The MABC is a wonderful organization that has played a crucial role in shaping my professional development and business skills. I look forward to carrying the skills which they have developed for me into the workforce and highly recommend applying for an internship to all young professionals, NCP scholars or interested individuals who are eager to experience the interplay of the Malaysian and Australian business environments.