Jeremy Ng

My internship experience at the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) was both an enriching and transformative journey that provided me valuable insights into the world of international business and opened new doors to new opportunities for learning and networking.

Throughout my time at MABC, I was able to work with a team who was passionate about strengthening relationships between Malaysian and Australian organisations and allowed me to gain exposure to different cultures. One of the highlights during my internship was having the opportunity to connect with industry professionals from diverse backgrounds by attending various networking events. These interactions helped me understand the importance of building and maintaining a professional network. I learned how networking can open doors to new career pathways, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities. It was amazing to see how these connections could positively impact one's career.

My time at MABC also pushed me out of my comfort zone at times and encouraged me to take on responsibilities that I hadn't previously considered such as event management. This challenged me to develop self-confidence, adaptability, and resilience. It taught me to embrace change and uncertainty and use those opportunities to think outside the box to find innovative solutions to unexpected challenges. At a time where MABC is looking to move forward digitally, I was able to participate in providing feedback regarding the processes and operations of the organisation. Through this I was able to acquire many other skills communications, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills not only benefited me during my internship but also are transferable to other career opportunities.

My internship at MABC was a once in a lifetime experience that has contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth. I'm grateful for the opportunities, lessons and friendships it has provided me during my time there, and I look forward to applying these experiences to my future career.